Essential Text Hotkeys


(Ctrl) + A = [Select All]

(Ctrl) + C = [Copy]

(Ctrl) + X = [Cut]

(Ctrl) + V = [Paste]

(Shift) + Click = [highlights the space between the Keyboard-cursor and the Mouse-cursor]

- {Continue to hold Shift and click anywhere else; it will extend the highlight or make it shorter}-
- {If you need to add text, preceding the beginning of your highlight, use the method below}-

~~! Additionally, all of the hot-keys above work well for folder / file copying !~~

(Ctrl) + Drag = [Highlights addition text from anywhere on the document]

(Ctrl) + Left or Right Arrow = [ Jumps to the beginning of the next word]

(Ctrl) + Z = [Undo]

-{Be careful with Undo; if you type for a long time and then press this, everything will be reverted to when you started typing.}-
-{Once you delete something, that becomes what will be undone; so if you want to block the undo from deleting everything,
press Space -> Backspace -> Space, and everything before that point will be safe (unless you keep pressing Ctrl +Z).}-