Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Build a new computer.

Make sure you buy a motherboard that supports the latest features (i.e. SATA III, CrossFireX, USB 3.0, and the new processors).

When it comes to deciding between
the latest AMD and Intel processors, your choices are
six cores with the AMD X6
or triple channel memory support with the Intel i7-950.

Intel Motherboard:

ASUS Sabertooth X85

♦ Supports the i7
♦ Supports Quad-GPU SLI and CrossfireX
(Two of the exact same video card with SLI or CrossfireX can be installed and run at the same time.)
♦ Supports SATA III
(6 GB/s hard-drive transfer rate)
♦ Supports USB 3.0
♦ Supports Triple Channel Memory
(You will need to get the i7-950 for this)

Intel Processor:

Intel Core i7-950

♦ 3.06Ghz / four cores
♦ 8Mb of L3 Cache
♦ Supports Triple Channel Memory

AMD MotherBoard:

ASUS Crosshair IV

AMD Phenom II X6 Support
♦ ATI Crossfire Support
♦ Supports SATA III
♦ Supports USB 3.0

AMD Processor:

AMD Phenom II X6

♦ 3.2Ghz / six cores
♦ 6Mb of L3 Cache
♦ 4000Mhz Hypertransport 3.0

Radeon Videocards:


♦  AMD CrossFireX multi-GPU technology
(Dual, triple or quad-GPU scaling)
♦ AMD Eyefinity
(triple monitor support)
♦ 256-bit interface
♦ 2 GB of GDDR5
♦ Core Clock 810Mhz
♦ DirectX 11 and Open GL 4.1
♦ HDMI / DVI / Mini Display Port


An older and now slightly cheaper alternative.

GeForce Videocards:

Asus ENGTX560 TI

♦ NVidia SLI-ready
NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Ready
(triple monitor support)
♦ 256-bit interface
♦ 1 GB of GDDR5
♦ DirectX 11 and Open GL 4.1
♦ mini HDMI / DVI


If money is no concern and you want a video card that can double as a deadly projectile,
the GTX 580 is for you.

♦ 384-bit interface
♦ other things...

Hard Drives:

Western Digital VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX

♦ 10,000 RPM
♦ SATA III (6.0GB/s)
♦ 32Mb Cache

Western Digital Caviar Black WD1501FASS

♦ 7,200 RPM
♦ SATA II (3.0GB/s)
♦ 64Mb Cache
♦ Dual Processors
(Yes. Not only do hard drives have their own processors, apparently they can now have 2!)


Patriot Viper Xtreme

♦ DDR3 2000mhz
♦ 16GB/s memory bandwidth per channel

Patriot Viper Xtreme Triple Channel

Power Supply:

Make sure you have enough power
with these high-end videocards and

CORSAIR Professional Series AX750

♦ ATX12V and EPS12V Compatible
♦ SLI & CrossFire Ready
♦ 80 PLUS Gold Certified

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